Thanks to our summer fellow, Jenna!

Jenna is a rising senior at Salem College, but thanks to Prof. Dos Santos’ NSF grant, Jenna was able to come to Wake Forest for the summer and work with us. Her project involves expanding the types of substrates radical SAM enzymes can effect. Look for this one amongst your grad school applicants in a year.

Congratulations James!

Rising senior James Chacharone’s summer research proposal was funded by the Center for Molecular Signaling. During James’ fellowship, he will use site-directed mutagenesis to broaden the kinds of substrates that radical SAM enzymes can activate for dramatic carbon-skeleton rearrangements. Great work, James!


We are excited to announce the beginning of a two-year effort to engineer O2-tolerant adenosyl radical enzymes. Thanks to NIGMS and the R21 mechanism for funding this exploration.

Congratulations to Callie Smith!

Callie Smith successfully defended her Master’s thesis entitled, “Progress Towards Reprogramming the Nucleotide-Transforming Radical SAM Enzyme ThiC.” Callie was instrumental in setting up the lab and in getting the group’s research effort going. She will be greatly missed.